VW Boys - Retroactive CD


01 - Amie

01 - Listen To The Music

02 - All I Have To Do Is Dream

02 - Down The Road

03 - Homegrown Tomatoes

03 - I Feel Fine

04 - Another Day Another Dollar

04 - Ugly Girl Blues

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Hits From the 50's, 60's & 70's Performed in Bluegrass Style

If you like music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and you love bluegrass, then you’ll want to get your hands on the VW Boys’ new CD, Retroactive.  The first time I listened to it, I got goose bumps...and that’s always tells me, “Here’s a winner; pay attention to this one.” And pay attention I did. In fact, once you click on play, Retroactive won’t turn you loose.  It captures your attention immediately all the way from the beginning to the end...leaving you begging for more! 

Tim White, Dave Vaught, and “Fat” Albert Blackburn are impressive bluegrass musicians to begin with, but they hit it out of the ballpark with Retroactive by combining wonderful bluegrass pickin’ with these timeless retro tunes. All of us baby boomers out there will feel compelled to own this CD, not just because of the recollection of our glory days, but because these songs actually sound better played in bluegrass style and the younger bluegrass fans out there will be introduced to fine golden oldies.

1.  Amie    4:01
2.  All I Have To Do Is Dream    2:54
3.  I Feel Fine    2:30
4.  Ugly Girl Blues    2:39
5.  Fire On The Mountain    2:58
6.  Earl’s Breakdown  Instrumental  2:44
7.  Wagon Wheel    3:52
8.  Death Came Creeping In My Room    3:22
9.  Hot Rod Lincoln    3:21
10.  Keep On The Sunny Side    2:57
11.  Brown Mountain Light    3:26
12.  Rag Mop    1:51
13.  Battle of New Orleans    2:27
14.  You Won’t Ever Forget Me    3:43
15.  The Rooster Song    3:43

 The VW Boys is composed of:

Tim White from Blountville, TN who many of you know as the host of the popular Public Television Series, Song of The Mountains, originating in Marion, VA and the syndicated radio program, The Tim White Bluegrass Show. Tim has been a bluegrass musician for over thirty-years and is a fine banjo player and an excellent songwriter. Tim’s interest of recognizing, preserving and perpetuating the historic music of the area led to recruitment of others of a like-mind and an organizing of the Appalachian Cultural Music Association (www.appalachianculturalmusic.org). Tim is immediate past president of the ACMA and uses his many talents as artist, businessman, musician and radio announcer to further the aims of the ACMA. The ACMA helps to support the Mountain Music Museum (www.mountainmusicmuseum.org), which Tim helped establish in 1999. The museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the music which was born in the Southern Appalachians.  When you visit Bristol, “The Birthplace of Country Music”, look for the famous mural on State Street, created and painted by Tim White.

Dave Vaught is from Bristol, TN and has been a professional entertainer for seventeen years. Dave has made five television appearances including HBO and Show Time. While Dave is well known for his skills as a magician, he is also a fine guitar player with five albums to his credit. Dave's musical career includes stints with Ronnie Millsap, Gary Morris, Sylvia, Jerry Reed, and Charlie Pride. Dave contributes much to the group with his skills as lead guitar player, harmony singer, comedian, and magician.

The newest member of the group is, "Fat Albert" Blackburn from Marion, Virginia. Albert was a founding member of the popular band, "Fescue" which has been in existence since 1970. He is a natural fit for the VW Boys; he loves a good joke and is a fabulous musician, singer and entertainer.

The VW Boys blend several different aspects of entertainment in their show. As banjo picker and singer Tim White says, " We entertain folks for an hour or so and help them forget their problems for a little while." A good portion of the VW Boys show is audience participation and the VW Boys have a way of going beyond the edge of the stage to really get an audience involved in the show. The VW Boys came together when musician Tim White and magician Dave Vaught worked together on a few shows. Dave would do a magic show and Tim's band would follow Dave's show with a Bluegrass concert and this worked very well. Both immediately came up with the idea to combine the two shows and the VW Boys was formed.

The VW Boys show fits any situation from conventions, fairs, festivals, clubs and private parties. The show is good clean humor and music; the VW Boys pride themselves on keeping a very professional show in front of every audience. As Dave Vaught says, "The VW Boys have over 75 years of combined experience in showmanship between the three of us." Music, Magic and Comedy, a great combination.

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