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Songs From

My Attic

Jim Lloyd and the Skyliners

Songs From My Attic - CD

Jim Lloyd and the Skyliners: Songs From My Attic


Jim Lloyd & The Skyliners offer the very best in bluegrass and old time music, this group brings still yet another style of Appalachian Highlands music to the Mountain Roads Recordings lineup.

Jim Lloyd’s musical roots extend back to at least four generations of fiddlers, guitar players, dancers, and singers from the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. Rooted in a strong oral tradition, he shares his heritage through stories of his own experiences as a boy growing up in southwest Virginia and through family lore that has been handed down, stories of coal mining, hunting, farming, trading, and family life. He also has a store of the traditional Jack Tales, Grandfather Tales, ghost stories, and Civil War stories of his region.

Jim is an excellent instrumentalist whose work has been documented by the Smithsonian Institution as representative of Southwest Virginia mountain storytelling and music. While accomplished on many instruments, he is known especially for his skills on guitar and banjo. His guitar playing has won prizes at the Galax and Union Grove Fiddler’s conventions for many years, and he is widely respected as one of the best old-time rhythm guitarists in the country. Jim excels in clawhammer and two-finger picking styles on the banjo. He has seen many of his banjo and guitar students, whose age range from 6 to 70, take awards at Galax, Elk Creek, and other regional competitions.

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Songs From My Attic - CD


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