The Artists

Johnny Williams - Guitar, Vocals
jeanette Williams - Bass, Vocals
Nikki Wright - Fiddle, Vocals
Jason Davis - Banjo
Chase Johner - Mandolin 

Going My Way

Johnny Williams

Johnny Williams - Going My Way CD

Johnny Williams: Going My Way



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The Songs

1.   Sailor’s Regret   3:27
2.   My Grayson County Home   3:25
3.   Talking To The Moon   3:31                
4.   What You Gonna Do   2:07
5.   Eleven Roses              3:27             
6.   Searching Your Mind   2:39
7.   Dust In The Wind   2:53
8.   The Prettiest Flowers   Gospel   2:37
9.   Take Your Love And Go       2:02
10. Dark Skies   2:54
11. Ease My Worried Mind   2:42
12. You Live In A World All Your Own   2:24


Johnny Williams has had a long musical journey. In this new album, Going My Way, he has firmly established who he is as a musician and a songwriter. His song choices reflect the type of music he prefers and he has determinedly defined where his music is going. He has sprinkled six original songs with six well-known songs so that the album has variety but also has a comfortable feel to it. Johnny is a prolific songwriter and the listener is in for a treat with these original songs.

In “Sailor’s Regret” he tells the story of a country boy who longs for his cabin home and is afraid of dying at sea. The song will resonate with anyone who has wandered away from home for too long.

He has rearranged his original “My Grayson County Home” so that it now possesses a haunting quality. It’s another song of missing home and the nostalgic memories of family and friends from long ago.

In “What You Gonna Do” a man informs his woman that the gravy train is over after she betrayed him. He had always financially supported her but now she’s in for a dose of reality as he’s leaving her.

“Searching Your Mind,” declares the love a man has for a woman but is uncertain how she feels about him. He will wait as she searches her mind about her true sentiments for him.

 “Take Your Love and Go” expresses how a man can’t forget his love after she leaves him. He wants to start a new life and was even looking forward to being on his own, but somehow can’t let the memory of her go. 

 “Ease My Worried Mind” is a wonderful duet with Nikki Wright about love’s broken heart.  Hope is present though that the heart will mend and ease the sorrower’s worried mind.

Johnny and his band members, Jeanette Williams (Johnny’s wife), Nikki Wright, Chase Johner and Jason Davis have created a bluegrass album that is both dynamic and remarkable. You’ll play it many times as you journey with Johnny down the singular and unbeaten path that he has chosen.

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