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VW Boys - Listen To The Music CD

V W Boys: Listen to the Music



The VW Boys offer an exciting and entertaining mix of songs on this project from traditional bluegrass favorites, favorite pop songs from their growing up years done in bluegrass style, inspirational gospels, and the usual comedy laced offerings that set the fun loving tone of this group.

When the VW Boys go to the studio, it’s always a fun time and the result always conveys that feeling of fun and love for the music that goes into their projects. This fun-loving spirit is a trademark of the VW Boys. Make no mistake however, these are serious musicians who also understand the quality of music and showmanship is critical to keep their fans coming back for more.

This recordings kicks off with the title track, Listen To The Music, made a household name by the Doobie Brothers and customized and brought to bluegrass fans in the VW Boys style. Tim White, Dave Vaught, and “Fat” Albert Blackburn, along with some very special guests, tastefully step through a wide variety of songs from  the classic bluegrass favorite, Down The Road to Home Grown Tomatoes, beautiful gospel harmonies and Tim’s original fun and entertaining Five Pound of Possum and If My Nose Was Runnin’ Money by their good friends, The Moron Brothers.

The  VW Boys are joined on this project by:

Lou Reid on mandolin and fiddle; courtesy of Rural Rhythm Records,
Hunter Berry on resonator guitar;
Travis Houck on resophonic guitar. and;
Leon Frost on perka-lighter, 1928 Ford hubcap, bongos, hand saw, salt shakers, and other unidentifiable percussion items.

Thanks to these great musicians for making this such a great and fun project

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VW Boys - Listen To The Music CD


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