Freeman & Williams featured in the Roots Music Reports Charts


Freeman & Williams is currently featured in the Roots Music Reports Top 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart for February 15th in the #35 slot. This group also held the #94 spot in the Top 100 Bluegrass Albums for 2012. Release in 2012, this popular recording is still climbing the charts in 2013. Jeanette Williams is the current SPBGMA Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year, her third time taking home this coveted award.


Freeman & Williams, a new fresh sound from award-winning veteran performers, Jeanette Williams, Johnny Williams and Scott Freeman. This trio comes together with an arsenal of talent... all are accomplished musicians, vocalists and songwriters and bring these talents together to create magical sounds that move from old-time straight through bluegrass to old-time country music. Each artist brings tremendous talent to the table but when combined, the result is incredible. This album will showcase the group with original creations along with some well-known favorites and some not so well known classics.

Always Looking Back, a never before released song written by Dixie Hall, Tom T. Hall, along with Mountain Roads Recordings’ artists, Mitchell Freeman, Casey Byrd and Jacob Long. The song, in traditional Tom T. &
Miss Dixie style, offers some very important life lessons. The Grandpa That I Know captures memories and feelings of a devoted grandson at his grandpa’s funeral. Written by Tim Mensey and Shawn Camp, it will touch anyone who has lost a grandparent and is sure to bring a tear to your eye. June Apple is a lively dance tune that has stood the test of time. Johnny Williams added lyrics for the song and coupled them with a unique
arrangement that brings a new take to this old favorite. My Reward, written by the trio especially for this project is a beautiful gospel song done in three part harmony that asks the listener to think about making
a difference in others lives that we touch…..and you’ll be rewarded in eternity.


Jeanette Williams
2012 & 2013 SPBGMA Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year

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