Video Released for new Snyder Family CD, Building Bridges


Samantha Snyder recently produced a video for the upcoming release of the newest Snyder Family CD entitled, Building Bridges. This video announces the release of their newest project, a collection of 12 original songs written by Samantha and brother Zeb. This video is a quick journey of these talented young musciians as they have grown up in the music.

Bluegrass Today says, "Those who have watched Samantha and Zeb Snyder since they were quite young will get a kick out of seeing these studio clips of them over the past five years. This bunch is succeeding in the most cherished goal of family bands, seeing their young pickers make the jump from cute kids, to serious professional artists."

Ckick HERE to see the video


David Holt offers these words about Building Bridges;

"Traditional music is always changing, like a mighty river being filled with water from many sources. It has been that way since the beginning. It is fed by innovation. It is never still. That musical change is usually driven by the young players. They have studied the masters, learned the techniques and naturally reach out to find new ways to express themselves and their generation. Samantha and Zeb Snyder are two of the finest young traditionally based musicians anywhere. Wise beyond their years, they bring new energy and ideas to the music.  They are willing to bend traditions but not break them. The Snyders are musical bridge builders, linking the old with the new. You can hear yesterday in their music and get a glimpse of a bright tomorrow."

Building Bridges will be available from the Snyder Family Band’s website, on April 5, 2013., and from;

Mountain Roads Recordings at:, on April 5, 2013

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