Close Kin, Our Roots Run Deep Featured Artist - Madison Shepherd



Madison Shepherd, age 13, of West Jefferson, NC plays clawhammer style banjo. She beganplaying at the age of 10. When she was in the 4th grade she was able to join the Junior Appalachian Musician (JAM) Program. She remained in the JAM Program through the 6th grade. Since then she has been learning on her own. Madison often competes in fiddlers conventions and contests in Ashe County and the surrounding areas. She has won numerous competitions, and has been featured in several youth showcases. Madison also loves to dance! She has been taking clogging lessons since she was 3 years old, and has been helping teach clogging classes for the past two years.

If you would like to keep up with Madison and her events visit her page on Facebook:

Madison Shepherd Facebook

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